Miss Scarlett

In my last post, I promised to introduce you all to one very special little madam, our four month old pup, Scarlett. I've grown up with standard poodles. In fact, I've never owned a different breed of dog. My first, Bella, has been with us since she was four months old and she was just … Continue reading Miss Scarlett


A Little Catch Up

Hey guys, I've been quite absent again recently, and I just thought I'd like to make a little post and just let you know what's going on. Last month was quite hectic. There was a lot of stress in my home, and a while after, I was told that my parents were getting a divorce. Because of … Continue reading A Little Catch Up

1 Year Blog Blogiversary

On the 11th of September this year, A Bookworm Blog officially turned one year old! I'm so thankful to all my lovely readers for helping reach this milestone. There's been so much havoc going on in my life recently, which I won't go into in this post, that I forgot to write the post. I … Continue reading 1 Year Blog Blogiversary

Writing Tips: How To Make The Readers Feel Emotion

Ever read a book when you've just turned each page, sort of following along, emotionless? Now, you don't want your readers to feel that. They just won't enjoy the story. So today's post is going to be about how to make your readers feel emotion. 1. Show Rather Than Tell How can you do that? … Continue reading Writing Tips: How To Make The Readers Feel Emotion

Top Three Lipsticks: July

Hi peeps, The time has absolutely flown by. It's the first of August already. I've been enjoying my summer and the scorching heat so much that I haven't really realized how quick it's going by. So today I'm gonna be showing you my Top Three Favourites that I've been wearing and loving all July. I … Continue reading Top Three Lipsticks: July

10 Ideas For A Fun Stay-cation This Summer

Hey peeps! We all know that we ain't always able to get away to an exotic island to have a holiday - or go away at all. So that's why I have compiled a list of ideas for my lovely readers to try whilst enjoying their stay-cation this summer. 1. Explore A New Country Park … Continue reading 10 Ideas For A Fun Stay-cation This Summer

Review: Primark Nudes Eyeshadow Pallet

Hey peeps! Welcome back to my blog. A few months ago I purchased the Nudes Eyeshadow Pallet when I was mooching around Primark (which I obviously forgot to post about) and I've worn quite a few of these colors quite a bit so I  decided to give you all a review. Colors: The colors are all … Continue reading Review: Primark Nudes Eyeshadow Pallet

100 Lifestyle Post Ideas

Hi Folk! The other day, I published the post, 100 Beauty Post Ideas, and today, I'm here with the follow up, 100 Lifestyle Post Ideas, and hopefully, this post will help you banish writers block.  If you have any requests for post ideas on a certain topic, please leave me a comment in the comments below and … Continue reading 100 Lifestyle Post Ideas