100 Lifestyle Post Ideas

Hi Folk! The other day, I published the post, 100 Beauty Post Ideas, and today, I'm here with the follow up, 100 Lifestyle Post Ideas, and hopefully, this post will help you banish writers block.  If you have any requests for post ideas on a certain topic, please leave me a comment in the comments below and … Continue reading 100 Lifestyle Post Ideas


Smokey Green Eye

Hi Folk! Today, I was fiddling round with my makeup, tryna do something a bit more interesting today, and I ended up going for a green smokey eye. I actually think this look is quite nice. The photos came out a bit naff, but in real life, the look actually looks pretty nice, especially with … Continue reading Smokey Green Eye

100 Beauty Post Ideas

Hi Folk! I think we can all agree that from time to time, we all face writers block. I admit it too, I do face writers block, and it can be pretty annoying. But not to worry, because today I bring you one hundred beauty post ideas, and then there'll be a hundred lifestyle post … Continue reading 100 Beauty Post Ideas

Writing Tips: How To Create A Good Conflict

Good evening my fellow bookworms, And I'm back with the next Writing Tips Post!  I've said it two times on my blog already, and I'm gonna say it a third. You don't want to catch your readers sleeping. You do not want to bore them to death - not literally. Or maybe, if your book is that … Continue reading Writing Tips: How To Create A Good Conflict

Liebster Award – I Was Nominated!

Hi loves, Today, I was nominated for the Liebster Award by the absolutely wonderful, areadingcat, and she is really lovely, so make sure to check out her post here, and make sure to have a mooch round the rest of her blog because she writes some really good stuff. She wrote a few questions for me … Continue reading Liebster Award – I Was Nominated!